"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Plea to the Titled

By Micky Wolf

We, the citizens of this country, are weary. Saddened and increasingly disheartened. All of which are contributing to the development of an insidious enemy of all that is good and birthed of the Divine—apathy, or if you prefer, indifference. 

Who are the titled? Those who claim to speak the Truth of God and nothing but the Truth—from the hallowed halls of academia, to the highest echelons of religion, and those inhabiting all size and description of governmental office. I do not doubt for one moment you truly believe you are speaking and writing with great knowledge and wisdom.

Here’s the problem. You lob your thoughts and words—sometimes cast in the vitriol of ubiquitous sarcasm and mean-spiritedness—as if that alone was sufficient to justify your position and unilaterally quiet those you perceive to be your opposition. Instead, you only further muddy the waters and fertilize the field of public opinion with intellectual manure that contributes little to cultivating and supporting the growth and development of either unity or increased productivity.

Therefore, the plea to you, the titled? Stop. Listen. Closely observe what is really happening in your sphere of influence. Please. 
  • “They” are not responsible for the condition—good or bad—of our world, our state, our community or our family. WE together are part of the problem. WE together are part of the solution. WE are in this together. I am part of your world, you are part of mine. 
         WE need to ask ourselves—how can I contribute with compassion and sensitivity rather
         than criticize and condemn with judgmental mean-spiritedness?
  • Youth learn immeasurably about love and life from the examples in their midst. Our young people are our future.
         WE need to ask ourselves—is the way I am communicating and living, in this 
         moment, through word and deed, a good model for young eyes, ears and hearts to 

  • Perspective is unique to each of us. Your world and mine are colored and perfumed with a complex mixture of joy, pain, suffering, hope, courage and loss. WE cannot impose our interpretation of our life experience upon the other as if WE have lived the same life. WE can, however, engender the greatest mutual respect by intentionally listening and receiving one another as we are. Each person’s experiences of life are a well-spring of insight with unlimited potential to heal or hurt—others or self.
          WE need to ask ourselves—how can I integrate my knowledge and wisdom with yours  
          to create an interdependence that values each and all of us?

  • Living God’s Truth does not mean demanding—by sheer force of rank, wealth, or collegial or political affiliation—that we, the citizens, succumb to the pressures of “my way or no way”. The true meaning of compromise is not acquiescing to the other out of fear through intimidation.
          WE need to ask ourselves—to what lengths am I willing to go to facilitate or participate
          in a process that utilizes material and human resources in ways that build, uplift and  
          encourage creativity, ingenuity and inclusiveness rather than secrecy, selfishness and 

  • Simplicity and forthrightness are virtues, not indicators of intelligence or lack thereof. To share what you know and understand about birth, death and all that unfolds in between by using language and attitudes that value my presence as one created in the image and likeness of God is to honor, respect and value God Himself. Kindness and honesty, when nurtured and appropriated in thoughts, emotions and actions, leave no place for degradation and deception.
          WE need to ask ourselves—why is it I may resist these most basic of behaviors that 
          speak the greatest Truth of personal character?

Yes, we, your constituents and companions in all manner of religion, politics and governance are weary. Saddened and increasingly disheartened. All of which are contributing to the development of an insidious enemy of all that is good and birthed of the Divine—apathy, or if you prefer, indifference.

Which will prevail? What choice will WE make, today?

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