"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beginning at the End

By Micky Wolf

“I’m about to the end of my rope!” 

“It is good,” says the Lord. 

Why does it seem most of us have to be near the end of our rope—and often our life—to realize we are now in a position to allow God to take us more fully into His will?

Bottom line? It is pretty difficult to open our hands and heart to our loving God when we are busy trying to hang on to our rope. A rope usually of our own making, no less.

There is a better way—although likely not pain free—which is why most of us continue to hold tight even as our knuckles turn white. 

Let go. 


Better yet, resist the temptation to believe that having a long, strong, rope is the sign of a responsible Christ-follower and hanging on until the last gasp of breath is some kind of virtue. 

A rope can serve a lot of good purposes—securing things, even a lifeline thrown to a struggling swimmer. However, when clenched between our hands over a period of time, our focus will be one of trying to stay safe. Sadly, hanging on can become bondage to what is, rather than what might be. 

Letting go in order to fall into the loving arms of our Good and Gracious God is risky business.

Letting go will mean…trusting God in all things, which begins with accepting I have limitations and God does not. Period. 

Letting go will mean…foregoing the need to depend on myself for the wisdom and guidance only God can provide.

Letting go will mean…humbling myself as the created, rather than the Creator, acknowledging God alone gives breath and life, and at any moment, my earthly existence may cease.

Let go.


Take His hand.

The beginning of something new and wonderful awaits. 

“It is good,” says the Lord.

How tightly am I clinging to a rope?

Does holding on to my rope represent being responsible? Important?

How do I feel about letting go of my rope? 

What if I choose to reach for God—instead of another rope?   

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