"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life Is

By Micky Wolf

Life is.

Life is a variety of ups and downs, joy and sadness, boredom and tension.

What if we were to describe how we think and feel about it a bit differently? Let’s face it. There are those occasions when someone politely inquires, “How are you?” and we find ourselves at a loss for words. Such a question can be particularly troubling—or at the least mildly annoying—especially if we are having a less than stellar day. Maybe responding with the titles of movies would not only add some much needed inspiration, but a smile for both questioner and responder as well.

So, “How are you, anyway…?”

Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning feels more like subsisting in the Animal House than It’s A Wonderful Life.  Whether dreaming or hoping to survive a couple of nightmares, it really was A Hard Day’s Night. If this is All That Heaven Allows, most of us are probably in big trouble. On the other hand, The Grapes of Wrath work mighty deeds in the bowels of those who choose to indulge, rather than enjoy all things in moderation.

Since it really is true God decided to make woman out of Adam’s Rib, what’s with All That Jazz about becoming one flesh and why is it so difficult? We know there are times when he, our significant other, would just as soon movingly Leave Her to Heaven, even as we try to remember, It Happened One Night—although we are not always sure what night, or what ‘it’ is—or was.

There are definitely days when we feel, through and through, a Funny Girl. And no, we are not into Dirty Dancing—although we are mostly adventurous enough to hope for some Close Encounters of the Third Kind, spiritual and otherwise. By the way, is it true The Day the Earth Stood Still really happens between people who have been married more than six months?

The Awful Truth is sometimes life just plain stinks. One day we feel caught in the Jaws of hurt and confusion, another day seems more like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers and we spend all our time trying to escape the ugly clutches of one vice or another. By bedtime, the only thing we can hear God saying is Heaven Can Wait—I AM not ready—and neither are you.

Thankfully, there do not seem to be too many days when a Deliverance or two might be in order. At the same time, there are more than enough occasions when our trust in a higher power seems Gone With the Wind. Like a Ghost, we wander about, far from being a Giant in the depth and breadth of our faith. And yes, we have been known to speak with you, God, hoping for a Gentleman’s Agreement in not lowering the Big boom on us for our transgressions.

Then again, today is a brand new day. We really do feel like Captains Courageous. Maybe it’s because the time of Bringing Up Baby has passed and we can now enjoy The Big Sleep. And while we are not exactly The Bishop’s Wife, we can take solace in knowing both Beauty and the Beast have their moments within all of us.

So, since you were kind enough to inquire, we won’t consider your question for The Birds. Instead, we will do our best to choose to love God, one another, and self, without dancing around Truth like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof—or roaring out of each others' presence on Blazing Saddles.

Have days when you are in Cocoon?

Feel an uncomfortable resemblance to Dracula?

Delight in the Ever After: A Cinderella Story?

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