"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Online with Jesus

By Micky Wolf

It’s everywhere. On our desk. In our pockets and handbags. In our ear. On our ear. In our vehicle. Yes, even in our bed. Technology and the ability to communicate with anyone—or anything—permeate our hours, our days, our vacations. We’re at a point, as a nation and culture, that without most of it we would be lost—literally. And if we have not succumbed to all the bells, whistles, mellow tones and jarring rings that announce our state of being connected, our wherewithal to remain disconnected or unaffected by all of it is diminishing by the moment—literally. 

More than one person has pondered the possibilities in envisioning how—or if—Jesus would interact with us these days given the multitude of ways he could spread his message. One could probably reason he would—tap, swipe, click or snap. And yet, I sense he may avail himself of all this stuff a bit differently than do most of us. 

J.C. on technology—or the beatitudes of being online

…Blessed is the inquirer who does not resort to robo-calling, cold calling, political name calling, or calling during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in the midst of a late evening rendezvous. 

…Blessed is the sender who does not use email for all manner and description in relating the finer details of life events; including but not limited to things such as: Uncle John’s recent diagnosis of erectile dysfunction; divorced Aunt Mary’s latest escapades with a thirty-something; personal word-by-word commentary of a deceased’s obituary; the boss’s new job—before he has announced his departure—and so forth and so on.

…Blessed is the receiver who does not intentionally activate caller ID for the sole purpose of being able to avoid talking with the aforementioned Uncle John or Aunt Mary—or the boss.

…Blessed is the person behind the wheel, whether four-wheeler, two-wheeler, sixteen-wheeler, three-wheeler, one wheeler—or any wheeler—who keeps hands where they are most useful and necessary, along with ears, eyes and mouth.

…Blessed is the man, woman, child or any form thereof, who sups with family, friends, confidantes or total strangers and chooses not to tweet, face, pin, flick, surf or Google, until, or at which time it is necessary to be excused for the purpose of relieving self—in which case, engaging in the preceding is to be undertaken at your own personal risk.

…Blessed are the mighty few and courageously bold who would rather endure the raised eyebrows, murmuring innuendos, and sighs of disgust, by choosing to engage with the living—human, plant, animal or mineral—rather than a flat screen, wide-screen, small-screen, talking screen, or glass screen.

…Blessed are the energetic and animated, who appreciate and value the opportunity to—get up, get moving; to walk, run, hike or jaunt from down the street, across town, or from the stool in the kitchen to the family room—to personally share what they are thinking and feeling in any particular moment.

….Blessed are the knowledgeable and thoughtful, who understand the meaning of please turn it off or down—and can quickly find the switch, button, knob, or slidey spot which will render it—totally quiet.

And lastly:

…Blessed are those who see Me—that would be God—as the Original Creator of all that is good and wonderful, most especially those human beings responsible for making those gizmos and gadgets, pinging and ringing things. It’s all about priorities. Perspective. Liking Jesus. Friending the poor, the disadvantaged, the hurting, those in need of a hug or a helping hand.

And remember—online donations to your preferred place of worship, charity, soup kitchen, or missionary outpost—are always welcome and most warmly received.

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