"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Have You Noticed Today?

By Micky Wolf

 …noticed a pair of bumblebees seemingly engaged in a ritual of courting, never touching, yet lumbering about on the breath of the breeze as only these kinds of creatures are equipped to buzz and hover 

…noticed a hawk, soaring and gliding, a majestic presence, the wisps of white clouds and translucent blue a perfect canvas of grandeur and grace

…noticed the air, heavy with scent arising from fresh plumes of lavender, nature’s lilac perfume to caress the spirit and delight the senses

…noticed the droplets of sweat, glittering on the arm, slipping down the brow, and persevered with the digging and lifting, moving of earth and placing of shrubs throughout the day

…noticed the growl in the stomach, the taste of salt on the lips, the body speaking loudly of need for nourishment and a few moments rest

…noticed the daddy cardinal, perched on a limb in the nearby maple, patiently awaiting the business to cease so it could visit the birdbath to drink deeply

…noticed the language of a moody sonata as a neighbor’s fingers tapped across ivory keys, coaxing cascades of notes into a lovely serenade for an audience unseen to the youthful musician

…noticed my beloved, rough hewn scraps of wood at hand; measuring, cutting and painting, transforming them into new service to secure a protective fence around tender, fledgling plants

…noticed the cascading water, cool to the skin, rinsing away the soil and soothing the soreness of sinew and muscle at the end of day, testimony to the goodness in all that unfolded 

Nope, never saw an alligator. Or a famous person. Or got a big paycheck. But did see the hand and presence of God. Everywhere. In all things.

Sometimes noticing is about observing and taking action. But then there are just as many occasions when noticing is about seeing…feeling…tasting…touching…hearing…all in the manner of appreciating and being grateful for the amazing nuances and design in the incredible detail of God’s creation.

How about you? What have you noticed today?

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