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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shutdown Shenanigans

By Micky Wolf


Stop It.


When o’ when, O’ Washington, are you going to put away your childish ways and behave as the adults you purport to be? Are there not among you, at least 10 good men and women, who will choose to rise above the tactics of schoolyard bullies? Who will choose to do away with the self-aggrandizing rhetoric which relentlessly places personal agenda ahead of pro-actively seeking what best serves the greater needs, hopes, dreams, and stability of this country?

We get it. There is little love—and seemingly even less respect—among you, for one another. We also get it—in the heart and gut, that you care even less for us, your constituents, than you do for keeping your seat warm. At most any cost, it seems.

Sadly, many of us are even less inclined to be angry these days. Being shoved up against the playground fence numerous times is more than enough to want to make you stay inside. Of greater dismay? Accepting that if our spirit is willing, our only recourse may be to issue an armload of permanent out-of-Washington suspensions at our first opportunity. Then again, if you have been on the receiving end of enough abuse, settling into indifference may seem to be the best, ah, safest choice one can make.

Was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary to revisit previous posts. Sigh.

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