"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Divine Make-Over

By Micky Wolf


For over three decades, my beloved and I have made annual trips to various Christmas tree farms, giggling and grinning, snow-suit layered kids in tow. Now that they are adults and married, the junkets are merriment of a different sort, but no less a delightful adventure.

Ask anyone who engages in this rite-of-season undertaking and they will tell you there’s a ‘rule of pine’ which never seems to fail when selecting a tree—no matter how carefully you choose from the vast array of pointy, prickly, green gems scattered about the field or forest, it will invariably look considerably different after it has been wrestled into the stand. And this year has been no different.

Standing back to view our prized acquisition, you couldn’t miss it—a large gap on the left side, midway between the base and the top, made it appear the spruce needle dragon had been loosed to devour anything in its path. Years ago I would have been slightly less than devastated with the discovery of the imperfection. Now, my beloved and I simply smile and almost in unison said, “Well, this one has its own personality, that’s for sure!”

As we set about carefully placing numerous strings of white lights, glittery bulbs, and an array of family keepsakes indicative of various events and special occasions, our ‘gap tree’ quickly took on a loveliness that all but wiped away any indication of the empty space that had seemed so obvious hours before.

The Blessings of a Divine Make-Over

If you and I can use the creative abilities God has given us to bring out the best in a humble Christmas tree, how much more can He accomplish as we allow Him to transform us? When we submit to the hand of God in bringing about a Divine make-over of our being, He begins by viewing our imperfections as raw material to create a masterpiece.

When we accept His loving touch, in whatever manner or form He knows bests, He adds a generous dose of Love here, a grace-overflowing word of forgiveness there, a radiant glow of compassion there.

The ornaments God places on the tree of our being are the finest we will ever experience. They are of the highest quality, procured from the most precious source available—the Heart of the One who loves each of us beyond anything we could ever dream or imagine.

Sometimes God needs to remove the broken parts, our sinfulness and woundedness, but He will always attend to these aspects of our humanity with the greatest of care, even when the pain seems more than we can bear.

If there is anything we need to remember in this process of Divine transformation, it is to be still, not unlike the tree, as He works in and through us.

And that, dear one, will produce loveliness and Christ-likeness that only God can accomplish as we let it be done according to His will, rather than our own.


  Do I notice my imperfections?

How do I feel about them? Angry? Sad? Afraid?

Can I allow God to enter my broken places and transform them?

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