"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What’s On Your List?

By Micky Wolf

As I write this there are twenty-plus (shopping) days until December 25th.

Many years ago our family adopted the idea of making Christmas lists. For good reason. When one is not sure if Aunt Paxmina’s Belgium Sour Pickle Pistachio Pate actually originated in that country, or even how one is to use said spread, the end result can be unsettling at best. (No worry—no Auntie Pax as far as I know, although can’t speak for the aforementioned concoction.)

Whether the list is one we have been given as a guide, or one we put together ourselves, we shop with care, hoping to find the best gift to give that special person.

At the same time, many folks will give generously of cash to those with less.

Others will spend time serving and attending to the physical, emotional, or spiritual needs of the hurting and wounded.

And then there are the compassionate people who will reach out to include the single, the widowed, or the elderly.

Giving gifts of monetary value or time and energy are an important part of the season. But what if we approached all of this from a fresh perspective? What if we allowed God to work through us to be the gift to a companion on the journey? Someone near to us, or perhaps, a total stranger?

With that in mind, consider this an invitation to make a list of a different sort, one that might prove deeply meaningful as we celebrate Christmas. Begin by writing your first name and use the individual letters to help get you started. 

Here’s what I have come up so far for my own:

M…be the gift of Merry and Merciful
I…be the gift of less I and more U
C…be the gift of Caring and Consideration
K…be the gift of Kindness toward others, especially Kin
Y…be the gift of Young in heart, filled with Yuletide peace and joy

Few knew, those two-thousand plus years ago, that the birth of a tiny babe would result in the man who became the King of Kings, the Savior-Gift to our broken world. And even fewer knew that babe would eventually give up His life for you and me. 

Being a gift will always involve sacrifice. Then again, where would we be if not for the little one who began life in a musty manger, mostly unnoticed?

What kind of list do you have this year?

How do you feel about allowing God to work through you in being a gift to others?


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