"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The {Real} Identity Theft?

By Micky Wolf

Our ever evolving cyber technology is proving to be a convenient tool these days. Individuals and corporations alike use the web, the cloud, and various devices to manage huge quantities and various kinds of information.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to all this—thieves have figured out how to infiltrate files and use the information for personal gain with little regard for the ruined reputations or financial messes they leave behind. An entire industry has developed, the sole purpose being to put barriers and safeguards in place to protect us from us from prying eyes and nefarious motives.

And yet, I sense an even more insidious kind of theft being carried out with long term, serious consequences—the stealing of our identity apart from anything associated with mega computers or terabytes of data. This kind of thievery has to do with our personhood as human beings created in the image and likeness of God.

Unlocking the gate…

God warns us of the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy. We can choose to ‘identify’ this thief as satan.  Or, allowing for the presence of evil spirits by whatever name, we can choose to take responsibility for our attitudes and behaviors that open the door for such an invasion.

So, what are the triggers, the ways we allow access to the precious treasure—the Love placed in our hearts in the earliest moments of life?

…we listen to the murmurs of jealousy, envy, or greed

…we take the hand of unforgiveness, bitterness, or resentment

…we snuggle and sleep with pride, anger, or lust

…we hang out with indifference or sit with self-pity

…we dialogue with anxiety or do-si-do with fear

And so forth and so on.

These thieves are equal opportunity perpetrators. They could care less about the size of your bank account, the names in your address book, where, or how you worship.

These thieves have one objective—prowl about seeking the soul who does not understand these kinds of attitudes and behaviors open, if only a crack, an otherwise secured door, the consequence of which are unloving actions toward others or self.

Securing the premises…

When it comes to our personal information, we can minimize the possibility of violation by installing quality software protection, maintaining secure passwords, and dealing with responsible institutions and internet sites.

What if we would consider applying those concepts to ourselves?

There is no better personal software protection than that afforded by having knowledge and understanding of the Bible, cover to cover. This isn’t something we learn overnight, but rather over a lifetime. There is no better resource to seek and search through for insight when it comes to keeping the thieves of our heart outside the gate.

As for passwords? Be as creative as you like, but as a Christian, you will never come up with one as safe and secure as the word and name of Jesus. Use it often. Speak it with confidence. Pray it with humility. Guaranteed to keep your soul open to the good stuff, impenetrable to the thief.

And when it comes to responsible institutions and sites? No, not those of brick and mortar, or fiber optics and hidden clouds. You can rest in the assurance of your safety and well-being when you develop intimate relationship with the source of all resources, the foundation of all creation, our Creator God.

True identity…

For as often as many of us have heard it—we have been created to be a temple for the Holy—we tend to forget the fullness of that Truth.
Our real identity is much more closely aligned with the Divine than we think or feel we have a right to understand, let alone accept.

But that’s what the Good News is all about—there is a Power, there is an Authority, there is a God who has our best interests at heart, who desires to love us, help us, keep us secure in His Love and Truth.

In what ways do I unlock the gate of my heart?

How do I feel about choosing to secure the premises?

 Do I know my true identify?

How do I feel about allowing God to serve as secure source of all my needs?


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