"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Too Low to Go

By Micky Wolf
Lights flickered. The battery backup for my computer clicked on and off.

My beloved checked a couple of outlets and determined the voltage was a bit low. Probably a passing phenomenon, courtesy of the electricity provider, we reasoned. Off we went for the evening to enjoy some dinner and fellowship with friends.

Only to return home later and discover the situation had not been rectified. If anything, it was deteriorating. The voltage meter now indicated even lower readings than earlier in the day.

It was nearing midnight. It would be foolish to ignore a potential fire risk, or the very real possibility of irreparable damage to appliances or electronics. Time to take action. A quick phone call to our utility company and within the hour one truck and technician arrived, soon followed by two larger vehicles with additional equipment and crews. Two workman eyeballed the maze of wires in the power box on the back of our house. Others prowled about the yard, sensors in hand, their bright headlamps bopping about as they tried to determine where a break might be in the underground line.

By six o’clock in the morning all was well. All electrical lines had been restored to full operating capacity. We were thankful and grateful beyond words for the crews and their expertise.

As for the two of us? We didn’t need a volt meter to tell us we were running on low power from lack of sleep. And yet, seems the Divine never wastes an opportunity to shed some light and insight on the most ordinary of life experiences.

Connection is critical…

One of the first things the workers did was to check for loose connections.

Whoa! You ever have the sense your line to God is flimsy at best, vague and unreliable at worse?

If we hope to receive—and transmit—the fullness of the good, loving Divine stuff in our lives, we need a strong connection. It’s not about feelings, or simply thinking we’re plugged in, it’s more about taking a periodic inventory of our behaviors and habits. Do they reflect what we believe, living as a son or daughter in the image and likeness of our Good and Gracious God?

Source is central…

A tedious and time consuming process, the workers had to begin with the lines at the house and trace their path back to the larger unit located a hundred yards north. Proper installation at both ends is mandatory for the best and safest delivery of the electricity.

As with each of us, it is imperative we be fully rooted and grounded in and to the one true source of Divine Life. If not, the flow of God’s power and authority through us will be intermittent, inconsistent, diluted, and diminished.

It won’t be because the Divine is any less, it will be that we have become more attached to the flesh—the things of this world—than those of the Spirit. We will continue to function, but it may only be a matter of time until we collapse, depleted of our finite human energy and resources.

Service is crucial…

All the electrical power arriving at the main box was of little use to us as long as there were problems with delivery of the service. And to rectify that, we needed the knowledge and expertise of the workman who showed up in the middle of the night and persevered until the issue was resolved.

The Divine is one power source that never gives up or walks away from a difficult situation. Oh, it may it seem that way to us at times, however, it is in those darkest of moments that God is likely doing some of His best work. The kind that restores souls. Heals the broken-hearted. Brings freedom to the captives caught in a web of addiction or sinful behavior.

There was nothing we could have done to avoid what happened with the electricity. 

Nonetheless, it was our responsibility as to how we would respond. Not react. Respond. Assess the situation and take action.

Being a Christ-followers means we can’t become complacent or indifferent if we hope to experience the best of what God desires for each of us.

Our part is to stay connected to the source, live and love with a servant heart—and rest in the peace the Power will remain strong and steadfast.

Is the source of my power a what, or a who?

Do I take responsibility for my part when things aren’t working well?

How do I feel about trusting the Divine to persevere with me?  


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