"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It’s Not About the Paint

By Micky Wolf
No, in this case, it’s about the roller.

Maybe my beloved and I have been spending too much time with the DIY stuff in the past month or so. At any rate—and being one intrigued with discovering God in all things—I got to wondering a bit about the origin of some of the tools we are using.

Turns out the trusty roller that’s become a handy extension of my arm was invented in 1940 by a Canadian named Norman Breakey.

Seems not much is known about Mr. Breakey and yet we do know he was never able to produce his invention in large enough numbers to profit from it before others made small changes to the design and market it as their own invention.

An additional bit of trivia—Richard Croxton Adams held the first U.S. patent on said tool. He claimed to have developed it in his basement workshop the same year while working for the Sherwin-Williams Paint Company.

Which is where we discover the God-part in all of this.

Ever feel like you spend hours or days—or maybe most of your life—“creating” something others then pick up, tweak a bit and then credit as their own? Not happy to say I’m among those who’ve had this sort of experience in the past. And then, to boot, whined about it.

We will likely never know how Norman felt about the eventual fate of his invention. However, of this he (we) can be assured: had he not followed up on his idea to simplify a task, painting a room would take a whole lot more time and energy than it already does. As for those who incorporated small changes into the design? Bravo! Made a good thing even better.

Kind of like living the Christian life. It could be said, with further assurance, one of the best things God ever did was breath Jesus, the Divine in human form, into a living example for us to follow. But even with that, He has not, nor ever will be, content with stopping there.

That’s where you and I enter the plan and the picture—we take up what has been passed on to us and continue the process and the journey.

The best way to accomplish that? Embracing God’s invitation and call to help bring about His Kingdom by being and becoming the unique person He has created each of us to be. And, in the meantime, letting Him take care of any necessary design changes in either one of us.

Roll on, fellow sojourner! 


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