"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

By Micky Wolf
Stopped. Frozen in my tracks. Even at a distance of a dozen feet from the handle, I couldn’t miss it.

“Good one!” In an instant, the flashing light had caught my attention.

“Thought you’d appreciate that,” my beloved replied, chuckling as he stood in the doorway to the kitchen.

Not a permanent new accessory for our coffee maker, but certainly one that served to keep me from refilling my mug. Why? When the pot is brewing, the sound of the delicious goodness passing through the grounds into the carafe is barely perceptible to the ear. To grab for it before it completes the process is a sure way to have a mess of hot liquid all over the counter with the added risk of a minor skin burn. Ask us how we know.

While the blink, blink, blink of the small LED bar has now been returned to the purpose for which it was intended (mounted on the back of my bicycle), it prompted me to consider the possibilities and ways God tries to get our attention.

Sometimes that desire to communicate with us is for the purpose of affirming, encouraging, or providing an up close and personal nudge to make loving and wise decisions. On other occasions, Divine interruptions are meant as a warning, to help us avoid certain disaster.

Isn’t it interesting that more often than not, the Divine chooses to be gentle and subtle when reaching out to us? At least in the beginning.

Regardless of how long we’ve walked the walk or talked the talk, it’s the whispers of the Spirit that can speak the loudest to our intellect and heart.

Don’t want to take time to listen and pay attention? The consequences of our action—or inaction—may be most unpleasant, for others or ourselves.

When the subtle is lost on us, we can thank God He doesn’t give up and go away. After repeated attempts to stir a response, greater pain or suffering may be the only way to get us to sit up and take notice. That applies to our body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Ignore a headache that won’t go away? Maybe it’s the result of a lack of sleep. Or, if persistent over time, it could be a warning of more serious issues involving blood circulation, the heart, or lungs.

Having trouble focusing? Solving routine, everyday problems? Could be stress. Or aging. Or, if endured and tolerated for weeks or months, could be a warning your brain has been drained of all resources of serotonin and dopamine, leading to clinical depression.

Crying at the drop of a hat? Feeling like a hamster on a wheel that never stops? Could be a bad day, or the fallout of one jam-packed with duties and responsibilities. Or, could be a warning that unresolved feelings of anger, hate, fear, or despair, are destructively interfering with your ability to exercise healthy will and reason.

The Divine will use just about anything, anyone, or any circumstance to get our attention.

What we need to remember is to be alert to the movements within—through our five senses, in what we are thinking, and in the ebb and flow of our feelings and emotions.

And if that means a strategically placed set of flashing, red and white LED lights, so be it.


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