"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Dear at the Dinner Table

By Micky Wolf
The evidence. It speaks for itself. Someone—or likely some creature—passed by one of our raised bed gardens in recent days.

Given the choice bites taken from tomatoes at the top of the vines—a height of about six feet—it is reasonable to believe it was the work of deer passing through. We’ve seen one or two over the summer, usually at dusk.

My beloved and I would probably be upset if they had devoured most of them. For whatever reason the crop is small this year, not only in size but quantity. One of those gardening mysteries. Our neighbor’s plot, a couple of feet away, is overflowing with big, red globes. 

Then again, our Italian roasting peppers are sprouting shiny, slender goodies everywhere. And I mean, everywhere.

The whole deer thing is an interesting phenomenon. We’ve lived in this suburban area for nearly twenty years and not seen as many as this spring and summer. Maybe the development of areas beyond our subdivision is the reason. Or maybe all the elements of creation have converged and the deer population has been exploding like our peppers.

Whatever the explanation, we would be hard pressed to stand watch in order to frighten away or hurt these animals. While I understand it is necessary to have organized kills (sounds awful) in some locales because of the destruction they can cause, I also can’t help but think that to a great extent it is we human beings who have created more distress and damage to them and the environment at large.

Yes, I am a big fan of Pope Francis and ascribe to many of his insights about the need for us to be better caretakers of the world and the resources our Creator has provided.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m about to suggest we revert to the way our ancestors lived hundreds of years ago.

But, by the same token, it does mean that if a deer or two happen by our little patch of God’s green earth, we’ll be just fine if they choose to make a brief stop at our dinner table.

Really…there’s more than enough for all of us. If we only care enough to be compassionate and share the abundance of blessings the Divine desires to shower upon us.

Each, and all of us.

Dear. Or deer.

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