"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Falling for the Fabulous in Fall

By Micky Wolf

This fall beauty provides an incredible canopy of color this time of year as it reaches for the heavens in front of our home. So brilliant are the golds the windows fairly bask in their glow.

For some, the unfolding of this season means one thing—winter is not far behind. And if you live in northern parts of our country, that means the onset of cold rains, sleet, snow and winds strong enough to curl the tips of your ears, even if buried under layers of cotton and wool.

But let’s set that aside for now. A bit of Scarlett O’Hara perhaps?  :)

For noticing and savoring…

Falling temperatures…fuzzy socks and snuggly sweaters

Falling leaves…piles of crunchy color ideal for a game of hide and seek

Falling precipitation…sparkly drops of water diamonds, crystals of crackly frosty white

Falling sunsets (okay, technically they set)…quiet moments by a fire, sips of tea or wine

Falling time (okay, technically we turn back the clocks)…cozy blankets, one more snooze

Seasons change.

So too, do we.

Sometimes the hardest thing to remember is to take time to appreciate the lovely and beautiful, and when that seems nigh onto impossible given our present circumstances?

Take solace in knowing our good and gracious God is always about the business of creating and recreating.

Yes, the fall of our life and that which inhabits our world is a foreshadowing of the winter season. Yet, we trust that spring will follow.

But let’s set that aside…for now.

Now is the moment bestowed by the Divine.

Will you fall into it?

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