"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Monday, December 21, 2015

Joseph, Did You Know?

By Micky Wolf

(Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre – Nativity)

Mary cradled the infant close to her breast. Her beloved spouse tucked his arm around her shoulders to shield both from the cool night air.

“Joseph, did you know we would begin our family life in such a humble place?”

“Faith and trust have lighted the path for me…and now, for us,” he answered.

“Do you know what is to come?” She snuggled against his robes.

They drew quiet. Words seemed unnecessary. The occasional bleat of a young lamb interrupted the stillness.

As the baby boy suckled, Mary ran her finger along the edge of the swaddling cloth. In time, she raised her head and gazed at Joseph.

He fixed his eyes on the face of the child. “What is to come is beyond our present understanding, Mary.”

“Yes,” she replied, her voice a whisper. “Let us take comfort in the promise of the angel.”

And with that the heavens broke open. The moonlight sky filled with the sounds of cascading voices thundering in glorious harmony. Trumpets sounded for all who had ears to hear.

“Glory to God in the Highest! Peace to His people on Earth!”

Merry Christmas!
May you have a blessed and joy-filled New Year 2016!
(Postings will resume after the New Year)


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