"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What Kind of a Day Are You Having?

By Micky Wolf
 Left to right: purple rabbit, brown teddy bear, Mimzy, and raggedy doll

Let’s consider the row of stuffed animals in the chair pictured above. These have a special place in my beloved’s and my home. Why?

Raggedy doll…

This doll is a mix-match of yarn strands, linen fabric, sewn on buttons, and pieces of ribbon. Made by our now adult daughter and given to me one Mother’s Day years ago, I cannot pass by it without smiling and thinking of her.

Thee best way to describe raggedy is relaxed. Laid back. When I take the time to notice her, I am reminded of the importance of not letting the ups and downs of daily life get to me, or to lose perspective on what’s important in life.


It’s hard to see from looking at the photograph, but Mimzy the rabbit has a pink circle on the top of the left leg. Squeezing that spot produces mysterious sounds that remind my beloved of one his favorite movies of a similar name. Those sounds are not as strong as they once were. Time and repeated touches have affected the clarity.

The best way to describe Mimzy is mysterious. When I take time to notice, this special rabbit reminds me of the value of learning and studying, of being curious. The beauty and wonder, the endless possibilities of discovery when we choose to truly listen, pay attention, dig deeper.

Brown teddy bear…

I never had a teddy bear as a child. Not that having one is a requirement for a happy childhood. On the other hand, I had a revelation about fifteen years ago. Who says fuzzy, soft, bears are suited only for the youngsters among us? When asked what I’d like for my birthday, I mentioned it.

As I write this it occurs to me I’ve never given teddy a name. No need to. When I take time to run my hand across the top of its head, I’m reminded that on certain days it is important we not miss opportunities to be tender and gentle, with others and self.

Purple rabbit…

There’s an interesting story behind this little fellow. No one in the family recalls the exact circumstances of how or why it showed up. Truth be known, it’s kinda scruffy around the edges. The eyes are not quite aligned and seem to have a certain eeriness about them.

It was suggested I might pass it on. I can’t. And won’t. A glance at this creature—peculiar though it is—serves as an effective nudge that all God’s creatures, a bit lop-sided or not, deserve respect and kindness.

Now, who would’ve thought this little band of characters—raggedy, mysterious, soft, and purple—could serve as silent witness to what it means to be fully human? And, if necessary, to check one’s attitude before proceeding with the day?

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