"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Needs to Burst Open in Your Life?

By Micky Wolf

The word burst does not conjure quiet images of subtle movement.


To burst open is to erupt. Suddenly. An explosion of various size or intensity.

So, then why would I invite you to be open to such an experience in your life?

Because I believe the action of bursting is often perceived as negative. Messy. Unpleasant.

Let’s take a different perspective and see what we discover.

The lilac blooms burst into purple masses of plumes, a sensory-scented sight and delight pleasing even and unto the angels.

The sun bursts through the gray haze and the grayer clouds, pushing them aside to bathe the earth in light and warmth.

The infant bursts into laughter, wordless, yet tickled with the tiniest touch of a new mother’s tender caress.

And maybe the most magnificent and meaningful of all…

The student fails, bursts into tears, then commits anew to overcoming the challenge.

The solder fights, bursting into action to defend his comrades, to stand firm in truth, protecting family and nation.

The widower grieves, bursts into sobs, the sounds of which only the Divine can hear, and then respond to with a whisper to the broken-hearted.

The father bows, deep in prayer, then bursts into praise and song for blessings of healing and restoration, given pressed down and spilling over by a good and gracious God.

The sinner, in repenting and accepting forgiveness, burst into exaltations of thanksgiving in being reconciled with the Giver of Life, now and forever.

Bursting. In so many ways, a good thing.

What needs to burst open in your life in this moment?

What might you be doing to restrict or avoid a God-centered eruption, the result of which will shower you with peace, joy, and blessings you could never have dreamed or imagined?


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