"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hope Without Action is Like Faith Without Works

By Micky Wolf
When it comes to faith in God, Christians understand that while works alone don’t get you to Heaven, serving others with love and compassion is an outward manifestation of what we hold to be Divine Truth. We might say the two go heart in hand.

On the other hand, the same could be said in linking hope with action. Why?

Take the plants sitting in the wheelbarrow in the accompanying photo.

As much as might I hope they will grow and produce tasty fruit or lovely blooms, the reality is—ain’t nothing gonna happen till I put them in the soil.

I can sit and stare at them all day, but unless I choose to take responsibility for my part in the process, hope, in and of itself, will not bring about the desired outcome.

There’s not much in this life that you or I control. We can’t make the sun shine, or the rain go away. We can’t fix ourselves. Or the other guy for that matter. We can’t direct and manage the economy and single-handedly decide who will be the next president.

At the same time, we can have an incredible impact for the greater good on the world around us by choosing to take action—be proactive rather than reactive—in a multitude of small ways.

We can take responsibility by choosing to act—often from the tiniest sense of hope—to help make our world a healthier, more joyful, and peace-filled place to live and thrive.

Hope can be so much more than a sit-around-and-wait-for-it-to-happen attitude and approach to life.

Hope, like love, becomes an instrument of healing and transformation when understood as a verb rather than a noun.

So, how about it?

Time to plant a flower? Some tomato or pepper plants?

Or, make a phone call, bake a batch of cookies, or address a note card?

You may just discover your choice to act will be all it takes to brighten the hour for someone wondering if the sun will ever shine through the gray of their day.

Gotta go. Those plants await.

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