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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When is Enough Enough and Less Not Enough?

By Micky Wolf
Scripture has a lot to stay about quantity and amount with regard to a lot of things. Money. Clothes. Food. Friends. Gifts.


When you and I realize the guy next to us in the check-out line (or for that matter the one who lives across the street) seems to have less of these things than we do, how do we ponder and respond to the following “heart joggers”? You know, those little pings on the inside that indicate the Divine is trying to get our attention.

First of all, what is our initial response to the aforementioned situation? 

Do we look at them or their situation and see “lack” the end result of their less-than-wise-life choices? In other words, do we tend to interpret what we see as their fault?

Secondly, if we are honest, is our answer similar to “well…yeah, sometimes”? Followed by the rational “I give more. That’s why I have more gifts.”

That is all well and good. Matter of fact, that’s the way the Divine order works.

However, there’s a catch. Of course there is. Remember, we’re grounding this insight in God’s little instruction book.

To fully understand the will of God in discerning when enough is enough and less is not, we need to consider the next question.

What motivates my giving?

Before you answer, consider the possibilities.

“I have more than I need.”

“I don’t need this stuff anymore.”

“I can use the tax deduction.”

And so forth.

Answering yes to any of those is not anathema to the Kingdom of God.

On the other hand, what if our (honest) response is more akin to the following?
“I really give as kind of a Divine insurance policy to assure more gifts.”


Here’s the good news. We won’t be disbarred from Heaven for having thought this way when it comes to God’s economy.

Which is not to say we won’t find ourselves going through a painful, but healing process of repentance and conversion before the gates are thrown open. Why?

Because enough will be enough when we allow the gifts we receive to spill over into the lives of others as we measure and give from a heart of love and compassion.

Anything less might simply be…not enough.

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