"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Different Perspective-Letter to My Older Self

By Micky Wolf
“If you had the opportunity, what would you write in a letter to your younger self?”

Various forms of that question have provided fodder, time immemorial, for more than one interesting and insightful discussion among friends—or in the practice of prayer or spiritual direction.

In the best case, reflecting on what this might mean to you or me is not about coming up with a list of regrets, sins, or imperfections. Rather, it might be in culling wisdom and knowledge to be shared with those, well, younger than we are at the moment.

All of which got me to pondering the flip side of the whole time-younger-older-idea.

What if I were to write to my older self? The one that I hope has many more years to learn, grow, and become more whole and holy. To love others first and focus on myself less?

It might go something like this…

Laugh more—and don’t forget to cry, as most of us resist surrendering to the healing power of tears.

Hug more—the young and the old, the strong and the infirmed, as most of us fear how others will receive a touch offered in tenderness and compassion.

Sing more—hum when necessary, as most of us are reluctant to express our joy and contentment with the freedom of a child.

Listen more—talk when you have something to say, as most of us forget we have two ears and one mouth.

And lastly yet maybe most important?

Your aches and pains are simply a reminder you’re alive.

As long as you have breath, make the most of each moment.

Live your life, older self, as if there is no tomorrow.

For soon enough, there won’t be.

“L Chaim!” said the good Jew, Jesus.

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