"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Embracing 2017—3 Possibilities for Personal Transformation

By Micky Wolf

This is that time of year. We reflect. We ponder. Some of us made resolutions. Others call them goals. Still others ignore the whole concept.

Accepting there is no right or wrong, in the end, what seems to matter is that we go forward in hope and trust. Especially if we say we believe in a Higher Power who knows first and foremost what is in our best interest.

Easy to write or say. So much harder to apply to my own life, the past six months of which have proven challenging and difficult beyond anything I could have ever imagined at the beginning of 2016.

I could ask God why, and did on several occasions. But even stopped doing that. Which may have been part of what He was hoping for in the midst of the difficulties.

Insight is coming forth from this experience, although I’m hard-pressed to put it into words at this time. (Which is likely another part of the unfolding revelation.)

However, this is what I can tell you—I’ve learned, to the core of my being, how much I need to hope and trust in God for every single detail of my life.

“But,” you say, with kind and generous spirit, “You’ve always been one to hope and trust.”

True. For the most part. But not to this degree of depth in persevering through the darkness.

As a result, I find myself embracing 2017 from a new place of light, peace and hope. Not every moment of every day. But often enough that I can tell the darkness is lifting.

Beyond that, God seems to be ‘downloading and burning’ the following onto the hard drive of my intellect, where it can continue to be worked in and through every aspect of my life. For the record, transformation (or processing) only the Divine can compute and make manifest.

Stop trying to create the operator’s manual…

The pile of parts and pieces in the photograph will soon be the final addition to our mini home gym. It comes with several manuals. We need each and every one of them to assemble and properly use the equipment.

Not so with God. Not so with how we are called to live our lives. We are His creation. His design. His workmanship. His project. Our manual is Sacred Scripture. Everything else is in His hands.

Write with a pencil…

Go ahead, fill the day planner and calendar with appointments, meetings, and all form of organizing and planning of your moment-by-moment life.

And then watch, one day, when God allows that meticulously written schedule to disintegrate before your eyes. Be grateful, for all the best reasons. His, not yours or mine. His purpose. His intention. His understanding of what we need to become more like Jesus.

Breathe with an open heart…

It is impossible to exist without air—moving in and moving out.

The same is true of our hearts. When we try to close ourselves off to the flow of the Spirit of the Living God that was placed in us before we were infants in our mothers’ womb, our hearts become stony. Rigid. Existing maybe, living shallow at best. Not in the fullness of life the Divine desires for each and every one of us.

To breathe with an open heart is to let go—often again, and again, again—of the myriad ways you and I try to manage and control our life.

As you and I begin 2017, let us not be afraid to say we are Believers in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the person of the Holy Spirit.

May we choose to make real the words we dare to speak—by going forward with a deeper, stronger desire and commitment to hope and trust The One who knows best. In all manner of things.

His promise to us will be no less than the blessings of being transformed above and beyond anything we could have dreamed in our finite human understanding.


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