"Do now, do now, what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die." [St. Angela Merici]

About This Blog

As someone who desires to live life as a Christian, I look to Jesus as my model for direction and guidance. Some days I am much better at following his example than others. At the same time, I believe there is one God of all, and that while we may choose to practice our faith in ways that are doctrinally different, that does not preclude or excuse any of us from the responsibility of making choices and acting in ways that are loving of others and ourselves. 

Becoming a healthy and whole person is the journey of a lifetime. As beings created in the image and likeness of God, His invitation to allow Him to work in our lives in bringing us into fulfillment our unique mission and purpose will present all kinds of experiences; from the joys and exhilaration of the mountaintops to the darkness and uncertainty that can swirl around us in the valleys and low places.

The times we are in present each of us with numerous opportunities to make choices that are, and will, impact us individually and those around us, for better or for worse. In as much as we might like to believe we can go about our daily life apart from those who share the road, the workplace, even the worship space with us, we have and will remain part of a much larger family, community and world. 

Because I believe, as Christian tradition teaches, that “God is in all things”, this blog will address a variety of topics and ideas, feelings and emotions, thoughts and perspectives. 

Whether you drop by this site for a few moments or for longer visits, may you be encouraged, inspired or challenged as you continue in your own journey.

Peace and blessings,